12 Major Ports in India



12 Major ports in India Choosing from a large number of major sea ports which was very difficult. India’s overseas trade tradition is very old. Since thousands of years, India has been doing cross-sea trade with outside countries. The trade tradition on the ocean on the east coast of India is linked to the ancient Kalinga state. Ancient Kalinga(today’s Odisha), has been trading on the sea with countries like Bali, Sumatra, which is now Indonesia, Singhal, which is today’s Sri Lanka, etc. for thousands of years. During British Raj the over seas trading tradition hampered. Soon after Independence Jawaharlal Nehru Led Indian Government focused on building new seaports.  Seaports are essential for overseas trade. A Seaport is the backbone of any country. Waterways are much cheaper for transportation. India’s coastline is very long, that is why there are many seaports located on India’s coastline.

List of 12 Major & Largest Seaports of India

Let us discuss about 12 major seaports in India given below:-All are well equipped modern technologies and facilities and are tightly managed and monitored by authorities for any irregularities and issues.


1. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port

12 major ports in India



The Jawahar Lal Nehru port, one of India’s largest and busiest ports, is close to the country’s financial center. Mumbai, which has a sizable population and all the necessary facilities for trade, serves as a major import and export hub.

This port, which is now ranked 28th among the top container ports in the world and is one of the major ports of India, handles 55% of all the containers that pass through India. In 1989, the port was inaugurated. One of the first privately managed ports in India is the Jawahar Lal Nehru port, which is run by DP World. Mumbai’s seaports are the subject of numerous more proposals and developments; each of these ports will have the capacity to hold more than 10 million tons of cargo, and they will also be run by foreign corporations.

2. 12 Major ports in India, the port of Chennai in Tamil Nadu

12 major ports in India
The Chennai Port, as its name suggests, is the largest port on the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent and is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. One of the first operational modern seaports is the Chennai port, one among the top 12 ports in India which has been in use since 1881.

This port, which handles an enormous 50 million tons of cargo annually, has supported Chennai’s automobile sector by allowing them to import steel. Vehicle exports from the Chennai port are also significant. The Chennai Port can currently handle 2 million TEUs of containers. Chennai Port is also looking to add 100 million tons to its handling capacity.

3. The Visakhapatnam Port in Andhra Pradesh

12 Major ports in India
The main hub for cargo arrival on the eastern Ghats is Visakhapatnam port which is Amongs one of 12 major ports in India, which is situated there. The largest harbor in all of Andhra Pradesh is at Visakhapatnam Port. The port’s special location, in the heart of the nation’s economic hub between the ports of Chennai and Kolkata, makes it even more advantageous.

The cargo capacity of the Visakhapatnam port, which handled 0.43 million TEU units, is 72.73 million metric tons. The port is already expanding, and RINL has started operating out of Vizag as part of that expansion.

4. 12 Major ports in India, Mundra Port in Gujarat’s Kutch

12 Major ports in India
The largest privately owned port in India is Mundra Sea Port, Mundra port managed by Adani Ports and SEZ Limited,  in Odisha Adani group developing and running Dhamra port also. Gujarat serves as India’s commercial center and sees a lot of import and export activity.

In comparison to other ports, the Mundra port has a greater advantage thanks to its excellent rail connections to all of India. The Mundra Airport is also going through a lot of changes so that it can become an international air cargo airport.5 million TEUs and 338 million metric tons of cargo are handled by the port annually. The largest coal import facility in the entire globe is located at the Mundra port.

5. Kandla Port in Gujarat’s Kandla

12 Major ports in India
One of 12 major ports in India, Important for importing fuel and gases from the gulf is Gujarat’s Kandla port, which is near Pakistan’s Karachi port and is situated on the Gulf of Kutch. The Kandla special economic zone, or KASEZ, one of the earliest and largest SEZs in all of Asia, is situated near to the Kandla port.

With a cargo capacity of 122.5 million metric tons and a TEU traffic of 0.17 million units, the port mostly exports textiles and salt. Additionally, the port is undergoing a number of improvements to the area and handling capacity.

6. Cochin Port in Kerala’s Kochi

12 Major ports in India
The Cochin port in Kerala, which is around a century old, receives trade from the Indian and Arabian oceans. The port was built by the British in 1928 to promote trade with Gulf nations. The largest container facility in India, the ICTT (International Container Transshipment Terminal), is located in the Kochi port.

32.03 million metric Tonnes of total cargo and 0.6 million TEUs pass through the Cochin port each year. Every year, around 1500 vessels visit Cochin Port. This port has excellent access to international airports, highways, and railroads. A naval installation is close by.

7. Mumbai Port, Mumbai, Maharashtra

12 Major ports in India
In Mumbai, Maharashtra, there is a port. Due to its distinctive history and significance, it is the first Bencher Among one of 12 major ports in India. The port was founded by the British in the late 17th century and has been around for more than 300 years. The Jawahar Lal Nehru port was established to reduce traffic in the Mumbai port, which currently handles general and bulk cargo.

The Mumbai port processes 62.9 million metric tons of gross cargo and 40.000 TEUs each year. The port area is 400 square kilometers, and there have been over 41 births.

8. Tuticorin Port, Tamil Nadu 

12 Major ports in India
The fourth-largest terminal for containers. A port with ISO certification, VOCP handles shipping from the USA, China, and the Mediterranean island of Sri Lanka. The port, which is the main exporter of agricultural products and raw materials, is barely 8 square kilometers in size.

The VOCP port is undergoing a $1 billion expansion project and currently handles about 7% of all the container traffic in India. On the port, there is also room for passenger cruises. The port currently oversees 0.8 million TEU units and 36 million tons of cargo

9. Goa, India’s Marmagao Port

12 Major ports in India
The Marmagao port in Goa, which is one of the most tranquil areas of the state, boasts a cutting-edge mechanized material handling system with conveyers and a cargo capacity of 7 million metric tonnes. Additionally, the Goa port of Marmagao has designated berths for the navy and is undergoing significant expansion projects. The port is one of India’s newest major ports to be designated.

10. Hazira Port in Gujarat’s Hazira

12 Major ports in India
Gujarat’s Hazira port  is one of 12 major ports in India ,  connected to Surat, one of India’s major import and export hubs. Adani Hazira Port Private Limited oversees one of the most significant LNG and petroleum harbors on the western coast. One of India’s most technologically advanced ports, Hazira port welcomes ships from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and America.

Hazira port is perfectly situated in the special economic zones between Delhi and Mumbai and is close to Mumbai’s ports. The port is currently expanding, and soon it will be able to accommodate additional traffic. Currently, the port can accommodate 2.5 million tons of cargo and 1 million TEUs.

11. Kolkata Port

12 Major ports in India
The Kolkata Port, also referred to as the “Gateway of Eastern India,” handles imports of cargo from Australia and Southeast Asia. It makes use of the Haldia and Kolkata dock systems. In addition to being a significant exporter of steel, iron ore, copper, leather, tea, and coal, it is the busiest port for the trading of jute. Heavy equipment, paper, fertilizer, chemicals, and crude oil are all imported. It is a natural river port with room for vessels up to 500 feet long.

12.Paradip port Odisha

12 major ports in India
One of 12 major ports in India, Paradip port is one of the seaports on India’s eastern coast, for those who are interested. The weather port is located about 100 kilometers east of Cuttack. The port has a depth of 12 meters, which is fairly astounding since it can accommodate bulk vessels that weigh more than 60,000 DWT. It was built during the Second Five Year Plan period and has gradually grown in significance. The iron ore, coal, chrome ore, manganese and some other dry goods are the main items that this port is in charge of moving around.


These are 12 major ports in India, besides these major ports there are so many small ports Situeted  on the eastern and western shores of India. Gopalpur ,  Dhamra are the examples. Many fishing Harbours that is uncountable in number present in Indian coasts and in major rivers. Besides These the river connecting projects are going on by PM  Narendra Modi‘s Government.



1.Are there 13 major ports in India  ?

Ans. Most probably yes, but there are so many ports in India besides small ports.


2.Are there questions come in UPSC about how many major ports in India  ?

Ans. Yes.


3.Which is the busiest port in India  ?

Ans. Mumbai port , as it is situeted in the city of Mumbai the Financial Capital of India .


4.What are the oldest ports in India ?

Ans. Lothal. Beside this Tamralipti, Chelitolo. Palur, Sonapur  etc were situated in the east coast of India.

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